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  • 7 Jun

    Fresh Produce To Find In Yeppoon

    Located in the heart of the Capricorn Coast and Southern Great Barrier Reef, Yeppoon is growing into a holiday and cultural hub. The area is also known for its wonderful produce – from premium, export quality beef to exotic, tropical fruits. Refrigerated transport helps to distribute this fresh produce to the rest of the state […]

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  • 4 May

    Autumn Produce Guide May 2018

    May is a transitional month, not only for temperatures but also for produce. As we reach the end of Autumn, cooler seasonal produce like quinces, persimmons, custard apples, and root vegetables start to fill out the supermarket shelves. In southern Queensland, the biggest vegetable crops include broccoli, tomatoes, onions, pumpkins, and potatoes. These are grown […]

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  • 26 Apr

    The Health Benefits of Coconuts

    This versatile, tropical fruit has been gaining popularity over the past several years, and rightly so – you can use the whole fruit; from the coconut meat to coconut milk and coconut oil. In this post we talk about a few of the numerous health benefits of coconuts and some places where you can get […]

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  • 26 Feb

    Autumn Produce Guide March 2018

    The end of summer is near, which some may celebrate and some lament. But one thing is for certain, it marks a change in seasonal produce across Australia. Autumn (March to May) means cooler temperatures and (usually) drier conditions, which affects what fruits and vegetables are available in stores. Things like rhubarb, pears, eggplant and […]

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  • 19 Feb

    Spotlight on Queensland Bananas

    Bananas; the food that every vegetarian and vegan can’t live without. In this post we take a closer look at Queensland Bananas.

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  • 18 Jan

    5 Unique and Exotic Fruits to Try This Year

    Queensland is home to many species and varieties of tropical fruit. In this post, we share 5 unique fruits that are growing in popularity and are grown/imported locally.

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  • 11 Jan

    Summer Produce Guide January 2018

    2018 is here and summer is at its height! Which means long, hot days…but plenty of delicious fruits and vegetables hitting supermarket shelves all over Australia. Fruit lovers will be having a great start to the year, with an abundance of fruits in season, from apricots, pineapples, raspberries, rockmelon, cherries, mangoes, peaches, and more on […]

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  • 21 Dec

    Fresh Produce Tips

    This summer, the heat is definitely on, so how do the ‘experts’ guys do it? Transfer food and drinks so they stay fresh? In this post, we share some fresh produce tips in food logistics for this year’s summer season. What can you do as a Carrier/Shipper? Communicate with your people – drivers, staff and […]

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  • 18 Dec

    Summer Produce Guide December 2017

    Christmas is only a few days away, and there’s plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in season to keep the whole family happy over the holidays. Christmas favourites including cherries, mangoes, and lychees are in season and readily available in your local supermarkets and greengrocers. There’s also plenty of vegetables to add to Christmas lunch […]

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  • 7 Dec

    Regional QLD Summer Crop: Sorghum

    In this post, we take a closer look at Queensland’s top producing crop, Sorghum. According to UQ,  current soil water conditions and seasonal rainfall outlook indicate a high chance of an above average yielding sorghum crop for the 2017/18 summer growing season. What is Sorghum? Also known as great millet, sorghum is an edible starchy […]

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