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  • 28 Nov

    How to Get the Perfect Summer Fruit Platter

    Fruit platters are perfect for those hot, summer nights around this time or just a great dish for a meal at any time of the day and living in Queensland, we are spoilt for choice with the numerous ripe and luscious fruit ready for the plucking (or stuffing in our bellies). In this post, we […]

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  • 23 Nov

    Avoiding Food Wastage in the Food Logistics Industry

    There is much wastage in the hospitality industry from when a meal is fresh produce to the point where parts of your meal go uneaten. While we can only do so much in preventing leftovers, there are a few things we can do as part of the supply chain. In this post, we share some […]

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  • 20 Nov

    From Farm to Table – Our Organic Picks of the State

    In this post, we share our top organic picks of the state.

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  • 8 Nov

    Spring Produce Guide November

    November is starting to heat up in Australia. With summer (and Christmas) on the horizon, there is plenty of seasonal produce available to ring in the festive season. Australian mangoes are hitting the shelves in record numbers, and other tropical fruit like lychees, papaya and pineapples are in abundance. For vegetables, you can expect to […]

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  • 12 Oct

    Spotlight on Mangoes

    Mango season has officially begun in Australia. Mango trees across the country are brimming with fruit and thousands of cases are being delivered to supermarkets all over the country. They make a delicious summer treat, snack, or ingredient in an endless selection of sweet and savoury dishes and drinks. But how much do you really […]

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  • 11 Oct

    Spring Produce Guide October 2017

    Spring has truly sprung and Christmas is creeping ever closer. October is known for Halloween and Halloween is known for…you guessed it, pumpkins! However, pumpkins aren’t properly in season in Australia until Autumn. Instead, there are plenty of other delicious vegetables in season in October, like green beans, mushrooms, and asparagus. Here’s the best produce […]

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  • 14 Sep

    Spring Produce Guide September 2017

    Winter is finally behind us and the supermarket shelves are filling up with fresh spring produce, everything from citrus, bananas, peas, rhubarb, and fennel. It’s already started to warm up, but the season doesn’t officially kick off until after the spring equinox, which generally falls around the 20th – 23rd of September each year. Only […]

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  • 21 Aug

    Spotlight on Pawpaw

    Australian’s are very familiar with the pawpaw. Not only is it the main ingredient in one of our most popular beauty/health products (Lucas’ Papaw Ointment), but it’s become synonymous with Australian tropical fruit. We put pawpaw in the spotlight and discover some interesting facts. Origins Pawpaw (and papaya) is native to the tropics of the […]

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  • 17 Aug

    The Health Benefits of Garlic

    There aren’t many savoury dishes that can’t be made more delicious with the addition of garlic. It has been used for centuries as a seasoning and flavouring, but also as a traditional medicine. Garlic is a close relative of onion, shallot, leek and chive, with the bulbous root a part of the onion genus, Allium. […]

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  • 7 Aug

    Spotlight on Olives

    Olives are a staple of the Mediterranean diet, and are the source of what a lot of Italians claim is the key to good health and a long life. But olives have more to offer than olive oil, they make a great snack, a cooking ingredient, on their own or stuffed. The small, oval fruit […]

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